Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale

Healing with Homeopathy

There are some basic rules to follow in taking remedies:
  • it is best to take remedies 1/2 hour before or after eating, drinking or brushing your teeth! Just before bed and first thing in the morning are great times. Following your inner knowing is always a good back up.
  • pour the desired amount of the remedy directly into the mouth, into the bottle cap, or into the clean hand of the patient.
  • if extra pellets come out, either take them or throw them away, but do not put them back in the envelope!
  • let the remedy dissolve under your tongue.
  • for your health and to assure the efficacy of the remedy, avoiding coffee (even decaf!) would be great. Also, stay away from strong mint flavors, camphor, tea tree oil and other extremely potent smelling substances.
  • please don't take other remedies if you are working with a Homeopath; make sure to let your practitioner know if you are taking other medications.

How do we know if it is working?

Symptoms are the body's way of expressing imbalance. When symptoms change we know there is movement! We assess the action of the remedy by noticing physical and emotional symptoms.
  • current symptoms can get better, or gradually disappear
  • symptoms can get worse (!)
  • new symptoms can come up
  • old symptoms that haven't been experienced recently can arise
When symptoms get more intense (we call this an aggravation), it is not a side effect of the remedy, but an indication that the vital force is responding. We may need to adjust the remedy or wait.
  • If absolutely no change happens, we'll look for a different remedy!
  • If you have any concerns or questions, please call.


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