Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale

What to expect from an Energy Healing Session

The initial consultation is a time for us to get to know one another. In order to prescribe remedies in the future, I take a thorough Homoeopathic case. Sometimes we will have time for a healing as well.

Before each appointment, I take time to prepare my own auric field and briefly meditate on each client, asking for guidance about the best course for the healing session.

Healing sessions vary, but are likely to include:

  • time to talk about what is currently going on in your life, what is the intention of the healing. I usually take notes during this time.
  • we may spend our entire time talking, processing, doing a regression while seated, or doing exercises that include some physical movement or drawing. Remember that healing is still happening - I am still working with your energy!
  • most healings are done witht the client laying on a massage table, fully clothed except for shoes. I generally stand to the side of the table.
  • sometimes music is played to assist in creating a conducive atmosphere
  • I usually use an audible breathing technique to enhance a non ordinary state of consciousness - this opens me to clearer High Sense Perception.
  • by placing my hands on your feet, I begin to:
    • synchronize with your energy
    • notice where the energy is blocked and observe your auric field
    • charge your field by running Universal Energy through my own body and out my hands.
    • clear stagnated energy that is no longer useful to your system.
  • I slowly move my hands up the body to the major joints and then the chakras, while doing so I am:
    • balancing the flow of energy
    • noticing where energy is stuck and gaining information about why
    • bringing fresh energy to places that need it
    • deciding what particular techniques would be most helpful and employ
  • close the healing; allow a few minutes for rest and regaining an ordinary state.
  • answer questions briefly but try not to get into conversation or heady inquiries in order to allow for the full benefit of the healing.
Always feel free to ask.


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