Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale

An Extraordinary Psychic Ability Manifests Physically

This paper will describe the case of a client who presented with a hole in her cribiform plate, which is the barrier between the nasal cavity and the brain. After the particulars of the physical case, her paranormal abilities of prophecy, communication with the deceased and electrical interference will be discussed. How the spiritual and mental aspects of her extra-ordinary abilities relate to her physical distress and the subsequent healing of both will conclude this inquiry.

MaryJo had been in the hospital at least 15 times in the year prior to our introduction. The problem started with bad headaches, sinus infections and a possible case of meningitis. She had a leak of cerebral spinal fluid, or intermittent hydrocephalus, from her cribiform plate; endoscopic repair was attempted several times, but with the build up of fluid the patch would not hold. A pseudotumor cerebri was diagnosed which is characterized by increased pressure of the fluid that surrounds the brain in the skull (inter-cranial hypertension); this condition produced severe headaches. A lumboperitoneal shunt and programmable valve to regulate the fluid and maintain pressure had been inserted, repaired and replaced several times. Because MaryJo's body was having difficulty accepting the shunts and valves, a skull-based surgeon from another state was about to evaluate her as a candidate for a craniotomy where the skull would be cut and expanded to accommodate the changing levels of cerebral spinal fluid. MaryJo hoped to avoid this drastic surgical procedure.

As MaryJo and I talked about her history, she mentioned that she has always had the ability to see and talk to dead people; her parents wanted to have her exorcised as a child. The dead people come to her right when they die; the dead spirits liked that she could see them. They gave her messages, but they would also slam windows, drop things, ask her for sacrifices and get angry with her. Her husband could tell when the dead spirits were present in the house; lights would go on and off by themselves and locked doors would open. MaryJo was raised Catholic and called her priest for support, but the priest told her not to tell anyone about this behavior. She knew she was not crazy, but couldn't stop the occurrences. When she finally had her house exorcised, the visitations stopped for a while, then she started having headaches and she started getting more auditory messages from dead people to give to the living. Just before she got sick, she started seeing dead people again. Soon before her headaches got really bad, her 7-year-old son had a nervous breakdown. He is like his mother, having dreams come true, and is extremely sensitive. He had suicidal tendencies, was hospitalized and is currently on medication.

Since the beginning of this episode, MaryJo also began having electrical things go off when she was near them; TVs turned on by themselves and her hospital bed would vibrate even when turned off. She couldn't return to work because she would get bombarded with unsolicited information about people around her. She had no control over it, was embarrassed and others were scared of her. Before her first surgery, she saw her grandmother (who is dead) sitting on the end of her bed. When a dead friend and a dead uncle joined her grandmother, she wanted to go with them but was told it was not her time. At this point, all her vital signs were lost, she was freezing cold, but she came back to life exhausted, depressed and wanting to go back to the light. She thought she would get better if she came back. The Drs. were surprised that MaryJo's body rejected the shunt from her spine; even when they anchored it in place, it repeatedly malfunctioned. Conventional medical methods were unable to stabilize her condition.

As a child, this woman was angry that she couldn't talk to anyone about her problems. She began to believe that no one could help her, no one could explain why she has these extraordinary abilities and she felt like no one understood her. Our phone conversations (this is a long distant client) were the first interaction she had when someone could not only listen to her stories, but believed her and could begin to explain the phenomenon of high sense perception, that she is not the only person capable of communicating between the worlds, and that there are energetic explanations of what is going on for her.

Explaining to MaryJo that the 6th chakra, which is located in the middle of the forehead and commonly known as the third eye, is the energy center that regulates vision and reveals pictures, we began to put a framework around her experience that made more sense. In her book Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan says, "These pictures can be either symbolic, with a very personal meaning for the patient, or literal. Literal pictures are pictures of events that have happened, are happening, or will happen" (p. 174). This perception of images is receptive in quality, not imaginable; this validated that she is not crazy and is not making all this up in her mind. The physical problems are quite easily related to disturbances in the anatomy of the energy consciousness system. Brennan (1987) goes on to say, "Opening the chakras on levels above the fourth also means that you will start to perceive beings on other planes of existence. This is rather disruptive to your personal life when it first occurs..." (p 175). When an energy vortex is too open, distorted or otherwise damaged, the regulatory function and the physical organs associated with the chakra also become damaged. When the chakra begins to malfunction, it needs to be repaired energetically. Damage to the sixth chakra commonly results in headaches, confusion, disorientation and brain disorders. As MaryJo and I worked together to restructure the 6th chakra and to energetically restructure the disruption in the cribiform plate we also talked about both the technical metaphysics of what was going on and the impact that it had on her life, we worked with creating boundaries and affirmations and she began feeling better. She had many prophetic dreams, dreams of flying and dreams of death, but less visitations. Instead of getting a craniotomy, within a month of repairing the chakra, the shunt was removed.

The leak between dimensions of her being, her inability to control her extra-sight-perception and her belief that no one could help her get better eventually manifested as a leak in her cribiform plate, continued visions and the exact situation that she believed which was that none of the doctors were able to help her. Rather than being infatuated and terrified by ghosts, with support, she was willing and able to tell them to go away and to pray for the communications with other dimensions to stop. Within two months, the psychic dreams had also stopped. We continued to develop her boundaries in her external world as well as internally, saw how her position in her family of origin added to her sensitivity, and helped increase her awareness of her inner emotional state of being.

When what appeared to be only a physical distress was related to her extraordinary experiences and spiritual beliefs, along with energy healing and transpersonal counseling, the hole in MaryJo's cribiform plate began to heal. These changes were difficult as they also influenced her sense of self, her feeling special and she felt a part of her was dieing. She became bored with her dreams and missed her unusual abilities. But, 6 months later, she had no further operations, the cerebral spinal fluid was only leaking minimally and there were many positive changes. Within a year, MaryJo was off all meds including anti-depressants, painkillers and sleeping pills. She found out that her grandmother had also been sensitive to dead people and when she revealed that she had been electrocuted when she was three years old and knocked unconscious, we began to put the pieces together that made sense of the progression of her illness. Her ancestry, her childhood and her life stressors all contributed to the current physical suffering.

Without a transpersonal approach to therapy and healing, MaryJo may well have continued to have this hole in her head along with some radical medical interventions. This case is evidence of the relationship between the body, mind and spirit, the importance of energy healing and how a spiritual opening is not necessarily a mental illness but needs to be understood and acknowledged. Talking about her relationship to dead people and electrical wavelengths to conventional medical doctors would probably not have helped them to diagnose or understand her or her illness. However, working together, conventional allopathic doctors and alternative medical practitioners can bring meaning and health to a wide variety of ailments.


Brennan, B. (1987). Hands of Light; A guide to healing through the human energy field. New York: Bantam Books.


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