Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale

A Case of Chronic Ear Infections

Peggy is a seven year old girl whose energy is low, she is clingy with her mother and acts shy in a somewhat seductive way. She stays close to her mother but constantly engages me with her eyes and energetically. A large girl for her age, she is physically soft, makes funny grimaces with her face, and speaks with an accent of baby talk. Peggy is a care taker, especially concerned about her mother's well being. She feels left out as a big sister and is desperate for the kind of attention she sees her little sister getting.

Her mother feels like she is always rescuing her; she wants Peggy to pull it together and be tough. She reacts harshly to the child, almost as if she cannot be bothered with her daughter's attempt to get her attention. Her world is drawn in; her mother says she has been in an inner struggle for four years. Her mother reports that she hates her Dad and doesn't want to go to his house.

This young girl has had ear problems since she stopped nursing as an infant. She had recurrent ear infections for the first year of her life treated with repeated rounds of antibiotics. Though the antibiotics were high powered, she would have a new infection within a week. At 18 months of age, she had tubes put in her ears which resolved the problem until this year.

Now she is in pain all day; she lies on the floor at school until her mother comes to pick her up. Her mother says she gets special attention by being sick at school. Peggy has headaches daily, stomach aches and her eyes hurt all the time.

The Ear, Nose and Throat specialist referred her to an allergist. The surgeon diagnosed Peggy with retracted eustachian tubes with negative pressure, enlarged adenoids and an inability to process ear fluid. He recommends surgery. She has tried prescription antihistamines and a steroid nasal spray with no improvement. She is scheduled for allergy testing, with allergy vaccines likely.

The interesting aspect of this case, is that Peggy says clearly to her mother, "I finally got what I wanted: to be with you". She is very affectionate with me when her mother leaves the office. She talks about fighting with her sister, but not wanting to fight back. She is a peace keeper, she tries to be non confrontational. She fears the dark, feels bad when there is fighting or when someone gets hurt. Peggy tells me she is scared when her Dad uses a loud voice, that she worries about her little sister and that it is hard for her to hear her Dad yell at her sister. She tells me a fantasy dream and says she feels like she is really there. There are clearly some things that she is not comfortable talking about.

I treat Peggy with a homeopathic remedy as well as energy healings. During the first session, I am listening carefully to the story the mother tells me, watching the interaction between the mother and child, while paying close attention to Peggy's body language and her energy field. I use this time to tune into the client and hold a strong healing response. The interview time can be a very powerful healing since the client hears her own story, she finally feels seen and heard.

In the first chelation it is clear that the second and fifth chakras are very constricted; the emotional strain on her system is intense. There is much congestion in the head and fluid build up in the ears. It is as if the head is still trying to push out the tubes - there is an outward pressure. Paying attention with much patience and gentle, loving energy in these areas begins to loosen the consolidation of energy in the head. This begins to bring consciousness to the relationship between the emotional and physical imbalances in the system. She is emotionally sensitive to he discord in her household, doesn't want to hear it, and is not able to speak herself. Peggy is groggy and a little grumpy after the session.

Two weeks later, I see Peggy again. Her mother tells me that Peggy put her hands over her ears during a parental fight saying " You are hurting my ears." This is a much more direct statement indicating the connection between the emotional state and the physical ailment. She is still calling her mother to pick her up from school as her ears still hurt and she reported being yelled at while visiting her father. This time, the chelation focused on the third and fifth chakras. The child is clearly labeling the deeper issue: her ears hurt when she hears her parents fight. Her sense of self is challenged, there is an issue with not feeling safe if she expresses her truth. Her consciousness system responds favorably to the healing; the congestion in her head, especially around her ears lessens as clouds, mucous and fluid are discharged.

Three weeks later, Peggy's ears still hurt, but she is no longer going home from school. She doesn't have to tell her teacher, because it isn't so bad anymore. She has no more headaches or stomachaches. Her eyes still hurt some, but not as bad. Peggy called her mother crying from her father's house. Her mother reports that she is on an emotional roller coaster, she is frequently scared. But, she is talking about it more. Her energy is improved and she is caring for herself more. Clearing the continued congestion in the second chakra gets to a deeper level now: it becomes evident that there is repressed fear, indignation, humiliation and anger. Restructuring the fifth chakra front and back reveals that the fluid seems to act as a protective distortion to keep the intellect and emotions in a fog. The child can not make intellectual sense of her emotions, As the accumulation is decreased with the healings, her emotions are more easily expressed. The appointment with the allergist is postponed and the surgery has been cancelled.

Peggy continues to improve physically. Her ears do not hurt every day. Clearing the energetic congestion in the ears while balancing the second and fifth chakras in the next couple of healings reinforces the integrity of the vertical power current thereby allowing the energy to flow more freely between the energy centers. Even though there is still fullness in both the second and fifth chakras, her essence is more easily accessed. With this, her vital force is available for healing.

Three months after the initial appointment, Peggy has a cold with a runny nose, but there is no sign of ear pain. This is an excellent sign that the vital force and immune system in the body can have a simple cold without going into the chronic distortion of ear pain. She is no longer having trouble reading, she and her mother take a walk together every morning, and her mother is much more tolerant of her. Peggy gets another cold a couple of months later, this time with a fever and nasal discharge but again, no ear ache.

Six months after beginning treatment, she has been swimming a lot but no swimmer's ear, and no pain. She is doing well. A brief chelation indicated that the fifth chakra still tends toward its patterned distortion. This may be related to Peggy's difficulty in talking about what is bothering her, the difficulty she has being a sister and in school and getting the attention and nurturance she desires. Even though the vulnerability remains in this area of her body, the energetic block no longer manifests on the physical plane.

Regular energy healings cleared the congested energy that accumulated in the head. Recognizing the congestion on the energetic level while holding it with love and understanding created first acceptance, then space. This released the fluid build up in the ears. Balancing and clearing her chakras opened the flow of energy through her body while allowing her vital force to support the body' s immune function and emotional stability. Seeing Peggy several times helped us to develop a safe relationship. With repeated energy healings the energy consciousness system could finally hold it's alignment rather than going back into the distortion it was growing accustomed to. Energy could eventually sink below the surface tension into the emotional pain related to her fear and pain around her parents' confrontational marriage, her sibling rivalry and personal struggle with feeling safe. The physical compensation of hearing problems was addressed on the spiritual, emotional and mental levels as well as the physical.

With the release of stagnated energy, Peggy's relationships with each of her family members improved. She is even enjoying rather than dreading being with her new step mother. She is living in more of her essence rather than her defense mode of being ill to seek the attention she so yearned for. Surgery and allergy vaccines have been avoided. It has been nine months since her first healing; she continues to do very well.

Martha Derbyshire is a teacher on the PS 1 team at BBSH where she graduated in 1999. She has a private practice as a Homeopath and Healer in Camden, Maine.


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