Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale
Photograph by Abe Goodale

Hibernating and Emerging

Dormant, within, curled tight,

out of sight, under the ground, waiting, staying safe.

It's cold, threatening, too harsh

to be out in the world; to be vulnerable; to be exposed.

It's survival, not fear but instinct and wisdom

that keeps me below the radar, gathering, resting, alone.

The ice turns to rain, the frost is lifting;

there is a change in the smells, like the earth is coming alive again.

Seduced by the warmth, tempted by the movement of water,

slowly receiving nutrients, staying protected, quietly growing.

Feeling the expansion, the spaciousness, the call from the heavens;

the rain has a chill, the wind is howling, still too much.

Patience. No reason to rush. The timing is always perfect.

Not ready to spring forth; cultivating, swelling, allowing myself to be fed.

Enticed upward, lured into fullness, surrounded by love of the mother

the journey continues, there is a bursting forth, an orgasmic thrust into new form, breaking out of the mold, free of constraint, striving toward the light

pushing through the darkness, around the obstacles, into sight.

No longer able to resist, defenseless, helpless, fresh, new,

out of the dark...feeble... striving...meek.

All new, total delight, awe of transformation.

Still growing. Still becoming. More change.

A metamorphosis, a miracle and only a beginning,

There are dangers, there is doubt and insecurity. Is this possible?

What more can there be now that the darkness is behind?

Predators, herbivores, frigid reception, storms, raging, a tenuous time

There... hear the encouragement of the bird's song,

reminders that the light is growing, the days are longer.

There is benevolence abounding.

Every moment a renewal, a confirmation from source

to trust the adventure, to surrender to the inevitable,

to allow the tantalizing expedition toward blossoming.


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